Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Support Bootsy's "I Give A Funk" Fundraiser!

"The ride gets smoother once u excel above the Turbulence. Take the seat belts off yr Mind." Bootsy Collins

Shifting from animation to music at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog - we like both equally - we spotlight the great bandleader/electric bass virtuoso and heart of the Parliament/Funkadelic organization, Cincinnati's own Bootsy Collins.

As big fans of electric bass groovemasters Bootsy, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Alfonso Johnson and others, we're happy to support Mr. Collins 2013-2014 tour via this Indie A Go Go fundraiser, which runs through November 16.

Here's Bootsy's Rubber Band, tearing the roof off the sucka at the October 30, 1976 Funkjam.

And here's Bootzilla, conjuring otherworldly sounds from his signature "Space Bass" in Germany in 1998. No doubt Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel would approve.

Having started his musical career as the 18 year old wunderkind in James Brown's JBs, Mr. Collins is not only responsible for outstanding music, but also for the good works of the Bootsy Collins Foundation.

Now, Mr Blogmeister shall step aside - for more info on the fundraiser, Mr. Collins will take it from here. On the one!

We are launching a Creative Arts movement called #iGIVEafunk to inspire everyone to STOP and take a moment to LISTEN to the world around them and STAND UP for what they believe in.

For example:

  • "iGIVEafunk about. . . breast cancer awareness, and I'm taking part in a walk to raise funds and bring awareness to the cure!"
  • "iGIVEafunk about musical education, so I'm donating my time to teach the youth in my neighborhood."
  • "iGIVEafunk about the cure for Diabetes, so I'm starting with my family and teaching them the importance of balanced and healthy eating."

"To do our part, we are going on tour, using the power of music to bring awareness to the needs of different community focused organizations in the cities we stop in. We will turn this experience into a Documentary and as part of it record a brand new live DVD and Album! After the tour is over, we will continue to spread our beliefs that the world is only lacking all of us Give'n A Funk about and taking action for what we hold as important in our individual lives. #iGIVEafunk is our chance to come together with a unified voice!"

It's official - Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog GIVESafunk.

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