Sunday, August 05, 2012

And This Blog Loves Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

The 50th anniversary of Ms. Monroe's death reminds me that she, consumed to some degree by the enormity of her legend, remains rather underrated as an actress and frequently dismissed entirely as just another blonde bimbo.

One can easily get totally sidetracked by her status as pop culture icon and forget what a great talent she was.

Watching Marilyn Monroe's silver screen performances, one after another, on Turner Classic Movies yesterday, your blogmeister and blogmistress were continually impressed by her charm, wit, subtlety, versatility and warmth.

Indeed, she could do it all - comedy, singing, dancing, character roles, drama, noir, thrillers - with style and originality.

Marilyn, in this blogger and film buff's opinion, was frequently way better than the often sub-standard formula material she was given by the studios.

In some performances, she's an ensemble player who stands out like Charlie Parker jamming with a pickup band.

Marilyn made her co-stars just look better: witness Don Murray's Oscar nomination (Best Actor In A Supporting Role) for Bus Stop.

Rest in peace, Marilyn, with the hope that the hurts of this earthly existence are far behind you.

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Steven Hartley said...

RIP; You are such a beauty but too bad your life cut WAY too short...