Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday Night At Niles: The Pre-Code Follies

Continuing a breathless first few weeks of 2010 which featured the San Francisco Sketchfest comedy extravaganzas and the Noir City Film Festival, yours truly (yes, the actual author of this blog) will keep the good times going and kick off February with a night of music, comedy and movie fun hosted by celebrated San Francisco-based entertainer Kitten On The Keys at Niles' Edison Theatre.

SInce last year's Pre-Code Follies at Niles was way too much fun - and our hostess with the absolute mostess exemplified her Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence sobriquet, St. Tickle-The-Ivories - we HAD to do it again in 2010. Kitten's inspired performances of genuine "naughty flapper" songs and racy ditties from the movies of Marlene Dietrich and Mae West will share the bill with our customary cinematic pop culture slice n’ dice, early 1930s style: A.K.A. one delirious selection of cartoons, musical clips, trailers and indescribably bizarre comedy shorts from the Pre-Code era.


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