Friday, April 16, 2021

We Support This Fundraiser

We support this fundraiser for film preservationists Paul Gierucki and Brittany Jane Valente, who have been on the receiving end of freak accidents, multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and sudden deaths in the family. If you don't know them personally, the classic movie buffs in the reading audience will know Paul and Brittany from their work on splendid Blu-ray and DVD releases.

They have brought movie rarities back from The Twilight Zone - or (more accurately) The Nitrate Zone - and more laughs into a world that needs them.

The organizer of this GoFund Me, Chris Seguin, elaborates, "Let’s kick up our good thoughts a notch to good deeds, and “buy” them some much needed breathing room — the ability to mourn, recuperate, regroup, and begin take care of not only their hospital bills, but also the many high-cost realities that come with a family member’s passing, with at least a little less stress about how to materially manage to make all of that happen. This is our chance to tangibly help two wonderful friends who find themselves in the worst of bad circumstances, in a time already too filled with them."

So, we at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog have done just that and hope this blog's readers can chip in to the fundraiser as well.

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