Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Worthy Fundraisers

Our friends at Bay Area Film Events, who have given audiences in our neck of the woods great entertainment for many years now, are facing daunting medical issues.

As we consider BAFE stalwart colleagues in the field of Big Screen Fun, we enthusiastically support the Theresa's Alzheimer's Care drive on Go Fund Me.com - and encourage our readers to do the same. BAFE deserves our best Cary Grant top hat tip as true showmen; we look forward to their next extravaganza on June 20. They've given a lot to the local classic movie scene - let's give back.

On a much lighter note, we at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog also dig theatre and especially musical theatre. So we extend kudos, bravos and huzzahs to Nick Santa Maria of the comedy team Biffle & Shooster, who has penned a cool stage show, Real Men, with puppeteer-comedian-actor-scribe Paul Louis. It's a "musical for guys and the women who put up with them."

We hope this fundraiser successfully raises the dough-re-me to take this show on the road. Nick and Paul aspire to take, in the immortal words of Ed Sullivan, their "rilly big shoe" to New York City. The song-filled Real Men shall be Off-Broadway, if not yet hitting, to quote Mr. Magoo, "Broadway", or the fabulous Wilson Pickett, "Funky Broadway".

Check out the following video, in which "sex icon" Jason Alexander gives Nick and Paul's boffo show something resembling an endorsement. Described as a "brutally honest, intelligent, funny and poignant musical for men who hate musicals", this will no doubt arouse the mostly dormant funnybones of grownups in the best possible way.

We've donated to drives that supported a Bootsy Collins tour, the latest project by powerhouse jazz drummer Scott Amendola, the upcoming documentary about early animation by Andrew T. Smith and Tommy José Stathes, the splendid new album, Under Glass, by gifted vocalist and songwriter Karina Denike, as well as massively entertaining DVDs of super-rare silent comedy classics curated by DIY film historians Steve Massa and Ben Model (a.k.a. Undercrank Productions), so we're thrilled and delighted to support this fundraiser as well.

The usual gang of idiots at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog encourage all to, Support The Arts - we need 'em, now more than ever, and IT'S UP TO US!

And, besides, we are nuts about musicals here; it's a fact that Madame Blogmeister successfully wooed this music-obsessed correspondent with sterling renditions of Irving Berlin songs popularized by Ethel Merman in Call Me Madam.

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