Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fundraiser For Documentary On Early Animation - Ends December 28

Here's another worthy Kickstarter fundraiser, for a documentary-in-progress by filmmaker Andrew T. Smith and animation historian Tommy José Stathes. Here's Andrew, to tell more about the project.

Animation fans who read this blog know Andrew from his contributions writing the excellent documentary about Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and their career producing stop-motion television, Filmed in Supermarionation.

Here are a few words direct from Mr. Smith:

"Hi, everybody! Andrew T. Smith, here. I just wanted to write you all a quick note to say how thrilled I am to be working with Tommy on this project. I've admired his Cartoon Carnivals from afar and now, with your help, I'd really like to bring these films to an even wider audience.

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog has been a big fan of the research Tommy, curator of the Cartoon Carnival programs at various New York venues, has been doing on early animation by pioneering producer J.R. Bray via The Bray Animation Project.

Also enjoyed his presentation on vintage silent animation, Back To The Drawing Board, that aired awhile back on Turner Classic Movies.

To quote Tommy, "it's with great pride that I wish to inform you about a project in which I'm thrilled to be taking part. It's a documentary called Cartoon Carnival, conceptualized by Andrew T. Smith, a fine young gent and filmmaker in England."

"Cartoon Carnival aims to be a fresh new primer on the early history of animation, particularly the silent era." The film will include interviews and commentary supported by complete cartoon shorts from the archive of Tommy José Stathes. More animation from the silent era is available in Tommy's just released Blu-ray/DVD combo, My Cartoon Roots.

"Cartoon Carnival aims to raise enough funding to produce a feature length documentary film which will tell the unique story of the development of early American animation chronicling the journey of the talented artists and technicians who strove to advance the art form."

East Coast readers may have attended silent era animation expert Tommy's Cartoon Carnival programs at the City Reliquary and other venues.

Tommy adds, "My colleagues and I still need your assistance with our Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary Kickstarter. The campaign ends on December 28th and we’ve still a long way to go. Thanks again for your support, Cartoon Researchers."

Check out the film's Kickstarter page, as well as Tommy's website and the Cartoon Carnival on Facebook and Twitter. Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog supports the fundraiser with flying colors. . . make that glorious Gasparcolor!

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