Saturday, April 06, 2013

World Champion San Francisco Giants Hoist The Flag

Since the last DEAR SPAMMERS: GO AWAY blog posting was, rather laughably, greeted with approximately 14,073 spam comments, none actually relating to a single topic, thought, word or syllable posted, ever, on Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog, might as well give up and celebrate something close to Mr. Blogmeister's heart: the ceremonial raising of the pennant flag by the 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants. Big thanks to everyone involved with The San Francisco Giants and to Comcast Sportsnet for the following cool footage.

And triple thanks to Mr. Blogmeister's late father for taking him to hundreds of Giants games, many when the team's stars were Willie "Mr. New York and Mr. San Francisco" Mays, Willie "Stretch" McCovey, Juan "The Dominican Dandy" Marichal and Gaylord "The Dry Look" Perry.

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