Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Classic Comedies Of Laurel & Hardy: To Be Restored At Last

The many loyal aficionados of this blogger's favorite comedy team, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, who rocked audiences on stage and screen around the world, will be tickled to learn that the ace preservationists of the UCLA Film & Television Archive have launched an ambitious restoration project focusing on The Boys.

This topic is close to my heart, as I produced a two-day 100th birthday tribute to Oliver "Babe" Hardy in San Francisco in 1992, and even wore a derby for the occasion!

One of our all-time favorite film historians, author Leonard Maltin, tells us more about the why behind UCLA's excellent fundraising effort.

Here's a link to the UCLA Archive's donation page. Every little bit will help restore Laurel and Hardy's long-neglected legacy of big laughs on the big screen.

Bar none, no comedians make me laugh harder than Laurel and Hardy, although their multi-talented pal and contemporary Charley Chase ranks a close second.

Stan, Chase and Leo McCarey were arguably the greatest comedy writing-directing trifecta to ever work simultaneously at one film studio at any time.

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