Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My New Favorite Song

This has become my favorite song from post-Production Code Of 1934 musicals - take it, Yacht Club Boys!

And, dear readers, I ask that, for the sake of historical integrity, make a point of shouting WOO-WOO whenever the phrase is sung here!

Also duly noted in this clip from Pigskin Parade, a 1936 Fox musical in which 14 year old songstress Frances Gumm, A.K.A. Judy Garland, made her feature film debut: Jack "The Tin Man" Haley, brassy (and in the right roles hilarious) comedienne Patsy Kelly, Betty Grable as the ingenue and silent-era Our Gang stalwart Johnny Downs as the big man on campus.

While Garland, admittedly, is a legend, how do I know about The Yacht Club Boys? When I worked for a classic film distributor back in the 1980's, I screened two very entertaining early talkie era Paramount one-reelers, On The High Cs and Deep "C" Melodies, which alternated the boys' novelty tunes with equally witty, double-entendre filled numbers sung by Broadway star Frances Williams (my favorite was "Let's Don't And Say We Did"). I wondered why these films didn't make the cut for Kino Video's Hollywood Rhythm release and would love to see them turn up on DVD sometime.

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