Friday, August 06, 2010

Another Goofball Musical From Vitaphone

After the Disney Studio's Silly Symphony cartoons in 3-strip Technicolor proved emphatically to be box office gold, Vitaphone started producing musical comedy shorts in glorious Technicolor (if not yet Cinemascope or "stereophonic sound").

Here, with big time thanks to my favorite cable channel, the indispensable Turner Classic Movies, is a beaut from that mid-1930's series, Service With A Smile. Prolific screen comedian and Ziegfeld Follies veteran Leon Errol provides the wheezy jokes, while showgirls supply the pulchritude.

The same crew produced Story Conference, a wonderful classic short, and one of two musical shorts (the other being Masks And Memories) Vitaphone produced featuring the legendary Lillian Roth.

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