Monday, April 13, 2009

Mound City Blue Blowers, 1929

Red McKenzie (no relation to Bob or Doug) sings "I Ain't Got Nobody" and makes the kazoo and that soup can he's scatting through sound like a muted trumpet in this entry from the Vitaphone Varieties series. I also like the banjo player who does a 1920's variant of the fret-tapping technique used 50+ years later on electric guitars by Stanley Jordan and Eddie Van Halen.

If you enjoy this and want to see more of these one-reel musicals from the dawn of "talkies", there's a whole DVD of 1926-1929 Vitaphone Varieties on the Al Jolson: The Jazz Singer - Three Disc Deluxe Edition. And check out The Vitaphone Project for more info on these historic musical shorts.

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