Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday, Bette Davis

Born 100 years ago today: the legendary Bette Davis, a silver screen tidalwave-tsunami-tornado with unpredictability, nuance, and subtlety.

Check out Bette as Margo Channing (no damn fool, that's for sure) in this clip from All About Eve:

Here are excerpts from a stellar Turner Classic
documentary about the driven, versatile, creative, innovative and fearless La Bette.

Dick Cavett did a great interview with her. Enjoy these two excerpts:

Palo Alto's Stanford Theatre just kicked off a Davis retrospective, which will include 35mm archival prints of her 1930's Warner Brothers pictures. Among her co-stars: everybody from movie icons Jimmy Cagney and Humphrey Bogart to such lesser known but wonderfully over-the-top actors as Warren William.

Bette Davis was the screen acting equivalent of a big-league pitcher who could blow you away with a fastball, then throw a knee-buckling curve, devastating change-up and vicious slider. . . put them all exactly where she wanted and change speeds on all of 'em.

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