Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Still More Psychotronic Cartoons

Since there are so many truly outstanding animation blogs (my "links" section doesn't even get around to all of them), I haven't been doing cartoon-related posts. So I'll rectify that momentarily by posting some classic cartoons I like.

This one, The Bad Genius, was produced in 1932 by the infamous Charles Mintz (who thought he got the last laugh when he took control of Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit character and hired away Walt's staff).

The following, Yelp Wanted and Sunday Clothes, are the first and third entries in the Scrappy cartoon series, produced by ex-Fleischer Studio artists who brought a certain East Coast sensibility to West Coast animation.

Both opuses de Scrappy are truly twisted, in bad taste, and look like they were drawn by R. Crumb - in short, everything we love about pre-Code psychotronic cartoons!

A fair amount of the cartoony goodness was by the legendary Dick Huemer, previously known for stellar work on Fleischer's Koko The Clown and subsequently a key storyman with Disney (he co-wrote Dumbo).

Additional scenes arose from the pungent pen of gagman par excellence Sid Marcus, later known as the guy who, with Robert McKimson, created The Tasmanian Devil at Warners. And responsible for the remaining classic rubber hose animation: the great Warner Bros. animator and director Art Davis, who worked in the cartoon biz for eight decades.

For the last word on Scrappy cartoons, check out the Scrappyland site by journalist and vintage animation expert Harry McCracken.


Craig D said...


Your Scrappy filmography in the issues of the old MINDROT fanzine did much to fan the flames of my own "Scrappymania!"

Thanks for posting this cartoon.

paul etcheverry said...

thanks Craig -

Once a guy waslked up to me after one of my film presentations and asked me about a Scrappy cartoon in which "our hero" fell down the sewers. . .

I hope he wasn't confusing that for a rather bland cartoon that Friz Freleng made for WB on that premise in the 30's, since one could imagine what Huemer, Marcus and Davis would have done with that plotline. . . probably lots of jokes involving insouciant rats.

Wrote that article and zillion years ago and am still waiting to see Fare Play, The Beer Parade and The Chinatown Mystery.

Craig D said...

"Fell down the sewers?"

Maybe he was thinking of "Bimbo's Initiation?"

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt...