Friday, March 11, 2016

Tomorrow Night In Moraga: Psychotronic Film Festival!

Tomorrow evening, Sci Fi Bob Ekman and Scott Moon present an all-16mm Psychotronic Film Festival at Rheem Theatre on 350 Park Street in Moraga.

Will there be trailers from wretched movies, schlocky serials with guys in stupid-looking robot and gorilla suits, vintage snack bar ads, Japanese monster epics, Scopitones and Soundies? Yes.

Will we promise to show only the most unintentionally hilarious monster movie clips, 1950's commercials and "educational" films? Yes.

How about the bizarrest obscure classic cartoons, trailers from the worst movies, the campiest musical shorts, the most surreal silent movie clips and TV programs that should never have aired? Yes, indeedy.

Will it be a night of Big Screen Fun for all at the Rheem Theatre? As Hunter Pence, right fielder of the San Francisco Giants would say, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

To contact the Rheem Theatre's box office, call (925) 388-0751. Main office: (925) 388-0752.

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