Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Next Saturday At Moraga: Classic Sci-Fi Film Fest 3

On the heels of the Classic Comedy Festival presented by the Kobe Film Archive last weekend and preceding the Noir City extravaganza later this month comes Saturday's Classic Science Fiction Film Fest at The Rheem Theater on 350 Park Street in Moraga. This year's festival features two of this blogger's favorite films, The Time Machine and When Worlds Collide.

The day of big screen fun will also include classic 1950's time capsules featuring giant bugs and that recurring theme (especially beloved and repeated by Bert I. Gordon) of miniaturization.

The esteemed Lord Blood-Rah will host a program that is sure to be a blast, as well as an opportunity for science fiction and classic movie buffs to hang out. To contact the box office of The Rheem Theater, call (925) 388-0751. Main office: (925) 388-0752.

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