Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Wonder Of 1950's Technology, #46

And there she is, not Miss America, but the fair Geene Courtney, demonstrating the wonder of 1950's technology, sausages as a fashion accessory, with panache and extra mustard. Ms. Courtney was crowned Sausage Queen during National Hot Dog Week (sponsored by the Zion Meat Company), specifically in the year 1955. Nutritionists be damned - I like her!

And of course, we know what the theme music was when Geene accepted her official Sausage Queen tiara. Couldn't have possibly been Bert Parks singing the Miss America theme, but that's okay - we like this ditty by Perry Como better.

Invariably, this brings to mind a very cheesy TV ad, to this day branded into the minds of baby boomers as a red-hot brand burned cattle - this gem's from 1967 and no less ridiculously unsubtle almost 50 years later.

As is THIS commercial.

For alerting Your Correspondent to the Geene Courtney photo, Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog must extend tips of a grand top hat worn by Oliver Hardy (or at least Hilliard Carr) to Paul Malon, Chelsea Nichols from The Museum Of Ridiculously Interesting Things and the Ridiculously website (responsible for an astonishing December 2012 post about Bizarre Beauty Contests) and, lastly, our friend Madeline Burke.

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