Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It's Abbott and Costello Week At Anthony Balducci's Journal

Since posts will be few and far between for awhile, this correspondent shall enthusiastically plug writers he likes and other blogs. Today, the spotlight will be on Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog favorites Bud Abbott and Lou Costello all week at the always incredibly thoroughly researched and detailed blog by author and stage/screen comedy historian Anthony Balducci (Lloyd Hamilton: Poor Boy Comedian Of Silent Cinema, Eighteen Comedians Of Silent Film, The Funny Parts).

The first few installments in the Examining The Origins Of Abbott & Costello's Burlesque Routines series have been posted, with quite a few more to come:

Examining The Origins Of Abbott & Costello's Routines: A Prologue

A Trip Down Floogle Street

Who's On First Part 1

Who's On First Part 2

Who's On First, Part 3

One of my all-time favorite A&C bits is the "loafing" routine from The Abbott And Costello Show, the first season of which was filmed at (drum roll) The Hal Roach Studios.

We'll close today's post with pretty much the only impersonation of A&C this correspondent has seen that works - Eugene Levy and Tony Rosato on Second City Television (a.k.a. SCTV), starting at 1:49.

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