Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Training Regimen In Preparation For The 2015 Noir City Festival

Well, we at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog have somehow survived yet another one of those earth trips around the sun, lived to see a few more classic movies and say a reasonably hearty Happy New Year! That means it's January and we anticipate the Noir City 13 festival this month, soon to bring dark tales of doomed souls to San Francisco's spectacular Castro Theatre.

To start getting properly "in training" for the festival, the regimen shall first involve watching these three films that ran back-to-back in the TCM noir night a few weeks ago - only stopping for coffee, Scotch, cheap cigarettes and bathroom breaks.

Then it's time for a trifecta of cool tunes trolling the depths of despair.

Then, next up - must watch a few more films. . .

At that point, to delve further into that chiaroscuro mood, read The Sound of Film Noir by Robert Cumbow, any three Raymond Chandler novels and Noir City Annual #6: The Best Of NOIR CITY Magazine 2013 - and then, by all means, listen to a few more recordings.

And now for a few trailers. . .

And if that simply isn't enough, buy these albums, all distinctively corrosive amalgamations of greasy quarter-notes and naughty nocturnes from deep within the asphalt jungle of film noir music.

Carlos Franzetti & The Prague Philharmonic: Film Noir

Chansons Et Musiques Des Films Noirs

Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks

Film Noir - Angelo Badalamenti

Film Noir To Accompany Your Sleepless Nights

Jazz Noire: (Darktown Sleaze from The Mean Streets of 1940's L.A.)

Jazz On Film: Film Noir

Legendary Film Noir Movies

Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes And Scenes

And here, to finish this off, is a haunting melody by the great David Raksin.

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