Friday, September 05, 2014

Classic Movie And Comedy Fans: Buy This!

Need laughs in a time with Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers gone? HALLELUJAH, there's some new Laurel & Hardy!

WHAT? New Laurel & Hardy? Be still our classic comedy loving hearts, the Blogmeister, indeed, kids you not. This set, Laurel & Hardy On Stage: Rare And Unreleased Performances, recorded during their 1940's public appearances in the U.S. and legendary 1947 European tour, IS A MAJOR FIND!

John Tefteller located and obtained the disc transcriptions from various Laurel & Hardy stage performances that transpired in the U.S.A. and overseas.

The Laurel & Hardy performances in England were a sensation and brought out the young comedy talent residing there, such as Norman Wisdom - all there to see The Boys work their magic in person.

Accompanying the two CDS is a large-format book by L&H experts Randy Skretvedt, author of Laurel & Hardy: The Magic Behind The Movies, and historian Peter Mikkelsen, authority on their Copenhagen tour.

This splendid book/CD combo, which can be ordered directly from the publisher, demonstrates, that L&H possessed an utter mastery of whimsical verbal humor that complements the visual comedy we know and love them for. To our unending latter-day delight, these performances demonstrate that Laurel & Hardy were capable of giving Abbott & Costello and Hope & Crosby a run for their money in the fast, facile wordplay department.

Just a few of the many goodies included in the set:
  • COMPLETE and differing versions of Stan & Babe performing the "Driver's License" sketch before an audience: first time from 1942 in the USA, the second performed in Copenhagen five years later.
  • An original script written by Stan Laurel
  • An in-depth examination of the team's appearances in Copenhagen
  • Accounts of the team's USO tours during WWII
  • New and previously unknown interviews with Stan & Babe

And, continuing with the topic of silver screen favorites, there's Marilyn Monroe: Her Films, Her Life, now out on paperback and Kindle.

Australian biographer Michelle Vogel has done something unheard of; believe it or not, she actually pays attention to her FILMS and gives Marilyn Monroe's legacy as actress and comedienne some long overdue r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

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