Saturday, July 26, 2014

Toons Around The World: France - Remembering Producer/Director/Animator Paul Grimault

After the July 14 post about the brilliant animation of painters Courtland Hector Hoppin and Anthony Gross, as well as the June 9 overview covering the visionary films of stop-motion genius Wladislaw Starewicz, it seems high time that more who produced animation in France receive the spotlight on Way Too Lazy To Write A Blog.

We rectify that oversight by devoting today's post to Paul Grimault, the answer to the question "was there an equivalent of a Walt Disney in Paris?" Well, to say "yes - Paul Grimault" remains just a bit of an oversimplification - can't imagine Uncle Walt knocking back espressos with Jacques Demy and then making films in collaboration with the New Wave director - but, indeed, Grimault was among the principal producers of animation in Paris. And, without question, Uncle Walt at the very least sat down for a bite to eat, some shop talk and very likely an outstanding cabernet sauvignon with fellow studio head Grimault.

After starting his career in advertising, with Agency Damour, where he met filmmakers-to-be Jacques Prévert, Jean Anouilh and Jean Aurenche. He and Andre Sarrut co-founded the studio Les Gémeaux. Grimault made animated films for over 50 years, starting as an actor, intrigued by incorporating stop-motion animation into the productions.

Here are just a few clips from Grimault's many films.

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