Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fundraiser For A San Francisco Institution

It was announced a month ago that arguably the best DVD rental store on the face of the earth, Le Video, in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district, would be, barring a rapid infusion of cash, closing by May 15th. Luckily, a fundraiser was quickly organized via Indie A Go-Go.

As their website notes, not just the killer collection is at risk, but the tradition of the brick and mortar video store and the key role it plays in film discovery, education and social interaction.

Le Video has been a San Francisco institution for over 30 years and features a collection of cinematic rarities from all over the world (and from every era) that cannot be touched by Netflix, Amazon and/or other various streaming video services.

The good news is that LeVideo made its initial goal of $35,000. There are 26 more days in the fundraiser - and Mr. Blogmeister wholeheartedly supports raising the ante!

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