Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And Now For Some Editorial Cartoons. . .

There have easily been 100 first-rate editorial cartoons over the past three weeks - and these two are the picks for this morning's post (note: Mr. Blogmeister, ever the history geek, is fascinated by brutally satiric political comics, going back to the days of Thomas Nast).

Although satire and social commentary has become something of an endangered species in recent years, this blog keeps an eye on The Daily Show and especially The Colbert Report, the current equivalents of That Was The Week That Was.

And, yes, realizing that editorial cartoons chase away all five readers of this blog, the Blogmeister notes that the delirious yet steadfast focus on the odd corners of 20th century pop culture will absolutely and most assuredly return - and stay there - starting with the next post.

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