Monday, April 08, 2013

This Saturday Night: The KFJC Psychotronix Film Festival Returns To Foothill College

Graphic by Judy Zillen.

The next KFJC Psychotronix Film Festival will return to Foothill College campus in the lovely Los Altos Hills for hours of questionable movie merriment on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

The amazing 1955 Kelvinator Foodarama Refrigerator-Freezer

That means yet another hallucinatory excursion through the irritated bowels of popular culture, featuring trailers from schlocky drive-in movies, well-meaning but now ridiculous 1950's educational films, vintage TV commercials and theatre ads, Soundies, cartoon rarities, comedy shorts, "thunder lizards", kidvid, serial chapters, puppet animation, and whatever else we can dredge up.

Curator-archivist-producers-mad scientists Sci Fi Bob Ekman, Scott Moon and Paul F. Etcheverry, supported by ace KFJC soundman Austin Space, create the program on the fly, exemplifying the "And Now For Something Completely Different" approach to film programming.

Robert Emmett, host of KFJC's Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show m.c.s the festivities with dry wit, joie-de-mauvais-cinema and a painstakingly picked selection of cheesy door prizes.

Back again, with or without popular demand - the KFJC Psychotronix Film Festival

When: April 13, 2013
Showtime: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Room 5015 on the Foothill College campus, Los Altos Hills, El Monte exit off of Highway 280
How Much: $5 Admission benefits KFJC 89.7
Parking: $3
Why: We like cheesy movies!


Anonymous said...

I am strangely drawn to Psychotronic Paul. As strangely drawn as the Tasmanian Devil.

Paul F. Etcheverry said...

It's refreshing to see a comment by the fetching "Anonymous" who no doubt is drinking Harney & Sons green tea and planting sorrel in her backyard right now(before watching Myrna Loy flicks on Turner Classic Movies) - as opposed to the 50+ spammers who bombard this blog under the same name every day!

Paul F. Etcheverry said...
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Paul F. Etcheverry said...

I really miss "Anonymous" and the Harney & Sons tea room in Millerton, NY.