Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Favorite Cartoon Voice Artists Not Named Mel Blanc or Stan Freberg

I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for the cartoons of Jay Ward Productions, even to the extent of having tracked down Bill Scott in November 1981 and interviewed him at length.

Jay Ward Productions' incredible roster of character actors/voice talents - Scott, June Foray, Bill Conrad, Daws Butler, Edward Everett Horton, Charlie Ruggles, Walter Tetley - combined with the studio's satiric edge still gets Mr. Blogmeister laughing after all these years.

In the TV cartoon field at that time, the Jay Ward cartoons were only equaled - in comedy writing and voice work - by Pantomime Pictures' Roger Ramjet series.

For more info, by all means get a copy of the Jay Ward Studio history, The Moose That Roared.

The story of Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, Bill Scott and the multi-talented animators and voice artists involved in these shows has been painstakingly researched and entertainingly written by voice artist - impressionist - film and radio historian Keith Scott.

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