Sunday, December 09, 2012

Next Saturday At Foothill College: 20th Anniversary Psychotronix Film Festival

Yes, indeedy do, as this poster by festival co-producer Psychotronix Scott Moon proclaims, on this coming Saturday, December 15, flying in the face of everyone's better judgment yet again, the KFJC Psychotronix Film Festival returns to besmirch the hallowed halls of Foothill College's Room 5015 from 7-11PM!

Now what does Psychotronix mean, anyway? Good question!

"Psychotronix" is a variation on Michael Weldon's absolutely essential book, The Psychotronic History Of Cinema, which remains the one and only source covering all varieties of under-the-radar B-films: monster movies, exploitation, horror films, science fiction, rock 'n' roll revues, etc.

Reacting against the very idea of devoting a screening to one director, one genre or one series, our 16mm celluloid concoctions expand the concept by adding a few more ingredients to the celluloid cauldron. For starters, we like snack bar ads and kidvid gone wrong, terribly wrong.

Also included in the delirious mix: weird cartoons, 1930's comedy shorts, vintage TV commercials, silent film clips, well-meaning but awkward educational films, Scopitones and Soundies.

There will very likely be at least one clip from the festival's inspiration, Mr. Ernie Kovacs.

Our modus operandi: throw a wide variety of footage from different places, genres, techniques or time periods together for no apparent reason. If we can establish a subject link or a Monty Python-esque visual or verbal link between the segments, great, but this is not absolutely necessary. Or to make a further Python reference, this could be called the "And Now For Something Completely Different" approach to film programming.

As far as content goes, the more obscure, the lower the budget, the more under-the-radar, the more pointlessly bizarre, the better.

We consider the evening a smashing success when the audience starts heckling the entertainment before the projection lamp goes on.

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