Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tonight: Classic SIlent Era Cartoons On TCM

Alas, this blog careens back from Broadway to Dinky Duck yet again.

Tonight at 12am Eastern/9pm Pacific, Turner Classic Movies is doing something utterly unheard of even on the Cartoon Network: devoting an entire evening to animation.

While there will not be any 1950's Terrytoons starring the aforementioned Dinky Duck, the excellent lineup spotlights two feature films by blogmeister favorite the Fleischer Studio, cool stylized 50's animation by UPA, the 1926 Lotte Reineger classic Adventures Of Prince Achmed, as well as hour's worth of silent-era rarities. TCM's grandmaster Robert Osborne and Jerry Beck, author (and dean of animation historians) from Cartoon Brew co-host.

The silent cartoons from the collection of historian Tommy Stathes in tonight's program were produced in New York City between 1907 and 1926. For more, check out the Cartoons On Film page on Facebook.

And, incidentally, if you want to see more animation on TCM, make those cartoon-loving desires known right here.

Ladies And Gentlemen, set your DVRS!

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