Saturday, October 20, 2012

Burt Bacharach Day - Promises Promises

Can one pick a favorite Burt Bacharach song, besides the entire Painted From Memory album, in which intrepid multi-genre sonic explorer Elvis Costello channels his inner Sinatra (and brilliantly)? I can't!

So, in the immortal words of Rod Serling, submitted for your approval, just one dizzying (tempo and key change-packed) favorite by Burt and the late Hal David: the incredible "Promises Promises", tackled by a host of heavy hitter vocalists.

We'll start with the most recent Broadway version. Take it away, Sean Hayes!

And then there's Dionne Warwick, the vocalist synonymous with numerous 1960's pop hits by Burt and Hal. Here she is, nailing that song yet again - and making it look easy - in the studio.

And belting it out on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Bringing this posting to a stirring crescendo, THE MAN, Mr. Broadway himself, the one, the only Jerry Orbach!

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