Sunday, May 20, 2012

Burt Bacharach Day

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog randomly designates the 20th of a given month as a day to post Burt Bacharach related material. Why? I like his songs - love 'em!

Although I've missed the 20th of several consecutive months, I will rectify that oversight by posting some great Bacharach songs today.

I especially like "The Look Of Love".



Tinky said...

Every day is Burt day at my house lately. I love the guy. Thanks.....

Paul F. Etcheverry said...

It's part of my curious and extremely wide-ranging musical taste that I go for Bacharach's harmonies in a big way. Will also note that I have found that Burt's tunes - especially the ones he and Elvis Costello wrote together - are definitely not easy to sing, and quite deceptively so.

Other than Sir George Martin, the only guy in the 1960's who compares with Burt as an arranger was Brian Wilson, once he decided to compete with Martin's orchestrations with The Beatles, abandon the creative straitjacket that was the Beach Boys' "surf, babes n' three chords" Top 40 formula and collaborate with lyricists Tony Asher and Van Dyke Parks on the superb PET SOUNDS and SMILE .