Monday, February 20, 2012

Burt Bacharach Day

Jerry Orbach's rendition of Promises Promises - a tune with more modulations and tempo changes than words - is one of the ages. This recording confirms what the bards on Broadway knew: Orbach, known for his formidable acting chops, may have been even better as a singer.

While Dionne Warwick does not sing Promises Promises at the furious tempo of the Broadway show version, her recording of the song is pretty amazing in its own right.

Then again, Ms. Warwick's hallmark in music was to make a song that would be between difficult and impossible to perform look easy.


Tinky said...

I LOVE Burt! Excellent choices. And I agree: Orbach had a simply amazing voice.

Paul F. Etcheverry said...

The way Orbach handles the ridiculously difficult songs in Promises Promises is astounding.

One lesser known Burt Bacharach - Hal David song I love is "Desperate Hours", especially the 50's recording by Mel Tormé. Mel really gets into the Mickey Spillane-ish vibe of the tune.