Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Found 15,000 Music Reviews By One Guy!

Okay, I am exaggerating just a tad.

The prolific music review writer I am referring to is Russian journalist George Starostin, author of the Only Solitaire blog.

While I didn't count the number of reviews in Starostin's websites - that would be rather time consuming - their scope is comprehensive.

The Only Solitaire blog runs the gamut from folk and folk rock, The British Invasion, garage bands-psychedelia, prog rock to early precursors of punk and metal.

Although Mr. Starostin does not review jazz, he does tackle enormous chunks of the histories of 20th century rock, pop and rhythm and blues.

Even when disagreeing with his album ratings or artist career overviews - and I often do - I find George's reviews consistently entertaining, informative, well-researched and well-written. That said, I will let gladly George off the hook for his love of ABBA if he'll excuse my soft spot for the pre-Rumours versions of Fleetwood Mac.

For lots more, check out Only Solitaire - George Starostin's Music Reviews - and enjoy.

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