Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Nominate Tinky Weisblat For Alzheimer's Advisory Council

Today, your semi-intrepid correspondent breaks from his customary clip-laden tributes to mid-20th century movies/cartoons/music - or occasional short, snotty, snarky humor pieces - to take on a topic close to home.

The Department Of Health And Human Services is in the process of assembling an Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care & Services. Two of the council members will be caregivers.

We join those who support the nomination of author Tinky "Dakota" Weisblat - not just because we love her name and enjoy Tinky's prose on far-flung topics - but because she is a caregiver, an eloquent advocate, and currently resides in close proximity to Washington D.C.

Tinky, author of The Pudding Hollow Cookbook, has turned her wordsmithing ways to chronicling the day-to-day life of caregiving for a mother who suffers from dementia. Her blog, Pulling Taffy - A Family's Year with Dementia and Other Quirks, has provided a tremendous service to those of us - LOTS of us - who are both caring for family members stricken by Alzheimer's Disease and attempting to be as positive as we can through the experience.

She would be a terrific choice as one of the caregiver-advisors for the council.

Nominations can be e-mailed to Helen Lamont at Department Of Health And Human Services. In the following online version of Federal Register (Volume 76 issue 112), just scroll down past SUMMARY and DATES to ADDRESSES for further instructions.

The deadline is EOB on June 30, 2011.

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Tinky said...

Thank you, Paul! Your words are particularly touching since I know you're a dedicated caregiver yourself. I'm glad you find my name entertaining. I do, too!