Tuesday, February 08, 2011

R.I.P. Mary Cleere Haran and Tura Satana

Songstress Mary Cleere Haran (1952-2011)

Still getting over frequent losses from the world of music - numerous jazz artists, rock guitar guru Ron Asheton, both Alex Chilton and Andy Hummel of the wonderful Big Star, and the truth teller, the preacher of soul, Mr. Solomon Burke - I prefer not to post about recently passed luminaries most of the time. I detest being "The R.I.P. Blog".

Alas, here's yet another untimely loss, just a week after the passing of legendary film and television composer John Barry: that of sprightly vocalist
Mary Cleere Heran.

Ms. Haran
was much loved by aficionados of Broadway singing, the swinging Sinatra style and intimate cabaret performance for her stage presence and distinctive approach to classic standards.

The girl could, like Julie London, really put a song over in a unique style.

And now for something completely different. . .

Tura Satana
, martial arts-trained exotic beauty and larger-than-life queen of cult movies, passed away at 72 on February 4.

It would be an understatement to say that she made quite an impact in her screen and television appearances! Before Pam Grier, before Kill Bill, before Kick-Ass, there was Tura.

Just why no one tried to make a "Green Hornet" sendup in 1970 featuring the rough-and-ready Tura as Kato, I don't know.

Indeed, an R-rated "Green Hornet", like an action-packed Kung Fu extravaganza starring Tura as the ultimate ass-kicking powerhouse, would have been fabulous and enduring entertainment, stretching from the drive-ins and grindhouse movie palaces to 21st century Blu-Ray players around the world.

San Francisco Bay Area pulp fiction author and columnist Will The Thrill Viharo has penned an excellent tribute to Tura.

These queens of Broadway and B-movies will be much missed.

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