Monday, January 10, 2011

Richard Pryor Meets John Belushi

The Psychotronic Paul Question Of The Day is "how many times did standup philosopher-actor-writer-producer Richard Pryor and the long gone but not forgotten actor-comedian-singer-improv genius John Belushi appear together onscreen?".

First off, there was the Saturday Night Live episode that originally aired on December 13, 1975. Starting with a brilliant monologue by Pryor and including The Exorcist II and the Belushi-Pryor "dueling samurais" sketch, it is available on the Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season DVD (which, while - unfortunately - not remastered or restored in any way, is still damn funny). If you have the premium (A.K.A. paid membership. . . darn) version of hulu, it can also been seen in its entirety there.

Secondly, Belushi was among the supporting cast in The Richard Pryor Special, broadcast on May 5, 1977. The following excerpt exemplifies the essential seriousness not far below the surface of Pryor's comedy, as well as Belushi's abilities as a character actor.

And there's also this sketch:


Tor Hershman said...

If'in ya wish to view Mae West singin' "Criswell Predicts," go to me wee blog.

paul etcheverry said...

Thanks for the tip! Tor Hershman sounds like a wonderful symbiosis between Edward D. Wood Jr. and Allan Sherman.