Thursday, July 15, 2010

S.F. Silent Film Festival Update

The latest is that the Friday evening screening of the restored Metropolis is sold out, although Festival Pass holders can see the show. Further updates can be found on the San Francisco Silent Film Festival website.

While there have been some good comprehensive pieces about the festival, the best article I've read thus far has been Richard Von Busack's write-up in The Metro.

Since I have frequently written on this blog about the silent and early sound era comedies of The Hal Roach Studio, A.K.A. The Lot Of Fun, I'm pleased that Pixar director Pete Docter has picked three howlingly funny silents - two by that unbeatable Leo McCarey/Laurel & Hardy/ Roach Studio trifecta - for the Saturday morning comedy show.

Not convinced? Read historian Thomas Gladysz' 15 Reasons To Attend The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

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