Friday, May 21, 2010

Warner Archive Strikes Again

This week's noteworthy DVD release is Warner Archive's Classic Musical Shorts From The Dream Factory. It includes several entries from MGM's infamous Colortone series of bawdy pre-Code musical novelty shorts (note: I have devoted blog entries to clips from two of them, Crazy House and Over The Counter), as well as miscellaneous vaudevillian weirdness from the inimitable "dawn of talkies" era.

Want that 1932 cocktail of kitsch-camp-bizarreness and scantily clad showgirls inhabiting a garish and inexplicable Freudian Technicolor dreamscape? Yep - and, by cracky, that's entertainment!

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Don J. Long said...

Cool, Paul! I can't wait to see this set! I know about it, since I subscribe to the Warner Archive newsletter. I got the Dogville set, and it's hilarious! Also got the Joe McDoakes set, that's something I have wanted since 1973 when I worked for Doug Wright as a projectionist at the Old Time Movie Theater in Anaheim, and saw my first "Behind the 8-Ball" short featuring the funny and talented George O'Hanlon.
Cheers, Don