Thursday, March 05, 2009

Louis Armstrong And . . .

Decades before celebrity duets would become a fashionable marketing gimmick, Satchmo cuts it up with Danny Kaye in The Five Pennies. Just disregard the fact that Danny is essentially portraying himself here (Red Nichols, subject of this biopic, dubbed in the cornet parts) - and enjoy. And I'll bet the best stuff from this shoot ended up on the cutting room floor.

Even more wonderfully, here's Louis playing Blue Yodel #9 - which Satchmo recorded in Hollywood with country & western icon Jimmie Rodgers back in 1930 - with Johnny Cash, as special guest on his ABC prime-time music program on October 28, 1970 (episode 38).

I watched Johnny, Glen Campbell, This Is Tom Jones and ABC-TV's In Concert religiously as a young music geek in the early 70's. I'm thrilled that Johnny's top-notch program has finally made it to DVD.

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