Monday, November 17, 2008

Gags And Gals

I love Soundies.


Carol L. Skolnick said...

Oh my...that last one is pedophile paradise. Never realized how double-entendrish were the lyrics to Oh Little Playmate, a song popular as a clapping game when I was a wee bairn. "Climb up my apple tree, look down my rain barrel, slide down my cellar door." Sigh.

In the second Soundie, I could swear that one of the guys behind the wheel is a young Jack Klugman. Did anyone from Soundies ever make it to feature films and fame?

paul etcheverry said...

You sure set me up for a Michael Jackson reference with that first line, Carol.

While Soundies tended to feature more entertainers on the way down than on the way up, there are lots of legendary jazz and r&b musicians who made 'em, as well as such comedy acts as Spike Jones & The City Slickers.

Don't remember if I showed you the Soundie "Princess Papooly's Papaya". That has such great lines as "they always kknow just what she charges" and "why don't you have a piece of her PAPAYA - 'cuz she likes to give it away!"