Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tex Avery at Warners, Exhibit B

Who made a much better, funnier, more adeptly timed showbiz caricatures cartoon than Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938) by the venerated Disney studio? Tex Avery, in 1941, with Hollywood Steps Out, which features multiple caricatures
and jokes in every shot.


Carol L. Skolnick said...

Excellent. One day you'll have to sit with me and tell me who everyone is. I recognize about 2/3rds of them.

paul etcheverry said...

I'm stumped a few times on this, but it's nothing like those "radio stars" cartoons from the 30's that have all kinds of caricatures and catchphrases I am unable to identify.

I love the jokes that made it past the censors! But then, that's to be expected from the guy who directed Red Hot Riding Hood.

anewman102 said...

I recognize almost everyone. Who are you having trouble with?

paul etcheverry said...

Click on the word 'caricatures' for the list from imdb. They miss one thing I'm pretty darn sure of, that right after Ann Sheridan says ooomph ooomph oomph oomph, etc. the next caricatures are of WB cartoon producers Henry Binder and Leon Schlesinger

My question: who is the mustached dude sitting with Claudette Colbert (she's next to Norma Shearer and Adolphe Menjou) in the opening shot? An inquiring film geek wants to know!

anewman102 said...

The dude is Xavier Cugat, though why I don't know.