Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Sea Island Bolero: The Worst (Pre-Disco) Musical Number Ever Filmed

Submitted for your disapproval: the following whirlwind of WTF and monument to sheer camp, "The South Sea Island Bolero", one of the production numbers from Down To Their Last Yacht, a 1934 debacle that lost plenty of dough-re-me for RKO Radio Pictures and abruptly ended the career of producer Lou Brock.

Tacky costumes? Yes. Unrelenting bad taste? Affirmative. Ungainly dance moves, not in unison? Check. Notable for the presence of 1930's screen comedy mainstays Sterling Holloway, Mary Boland, Polly Moran, Ned Sparks and ubiquitous "lumbering dumb lug" Tom Kennedy? Uh-huh.

My guess is there are early 1930's production numbers I've yet to see (probably Busby Berkeley's handiwork) that surpass this in the WTF department. And, then again, there's that clip of Carmen Miranda and chorines dressed as giant bananas. . . but that's grist for another posting.

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