Monday, April 18, 2016

Talkin' Baseball With Alfred Hitchcock, The Old Philosopher and James Earl Jones

Having watched the Jackie Robinson documentary, as well as an epic Giants-Dodgers series from Chavez Ravine - and before yet another viewing of Joe E. Brown in Alibi Ike - this three-post thematic arc concludes with monologues about the old ballgame. The least likely will be the first - celebrated arbiter of balls and strikes Sir Alfred Hitchcock. And, for the record, this baseball fan agrees with Hitch and is glad players can no longer be "spiked" as they slide into second base.

It is somewhat amazing that we have, in over 900 posts, not devoted one yet to the very funny Eddie Lawrence a.k.a. The Old Philosopher. Here's his take on baseball, which this writer first stumbled upon when watching the animated version of Abner The Baseball on The New Casper Cartoon Show (a few years before discovering Eddie Lawrence's recordings).

Among numerous dramatic readings of Casey And The Bat by Ernest Thayer, it's tough to top James Earl Jones. He and Sir Patrick Stewart could recite a shopping list and enthrall the listener.

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