Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bette Davis Blogathon: April 3-5

"A director can guide, but the artist has to dredge up truth from within herself. And that is what Bette gave us in Of Human Bondage - the truth." Filmmaker John Cromwell

Leave it to this movie-crazed blogger to not associate Easter Sunday with the historic events that transpired 2016 years ago, but with Bette Davis in the melodrama Beyond The Forest. Rumor has it that some shameless wiseguy tried to sneak in a bit to the Old Testament in which Judas' first words were "what a dump!" It did not meet with the Editor's approval.

With much respect on Easter Sunday to those who quietly do good in the world, we note that the 2016 Bette Davis Blogathon commences next weekend - a week from today. The showbiz top hat tip goes to the splendid writer Crystal Kalyana Pacey of In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood for hosting the blogathon, which commemorates Bette's birthday on April 5, 1908.

Your truly will use the 2016 Bette Davis Blogathon as an excuse to indulge his undying love of pre-Code Warner Brothers movies and review the election year comedy The Dark Horse, co-starring the hardest working guy on the Warners lot (other than Joe E. Brown), Warren William, along with ace character actor Guy Kibbee.

Unlike this year's presidential hopefuls, 1932 candidates did not, in a shameless (and successful) attempt to avoid actual policy discussion, brag about the size of their johnsons in public. We say this knowing that Orson Welles made a student film titled Too Much Johnson and also hoping to someday find a DVD of Ghost Catchers starring Olsen & Johnson.

But I digress. . . This movie buff has found the acting of Bette Davis, from her very first silver screen appearances in 1931 to her last TV and movie roles in the 1980's, creative, original, mind-numbingly versatile and frequently unpredictable. Even very early in her career, she mops up the floor with any wooden actors who had the misfortune to co-star with her.

Can't say I agree with the "top 10 rankings" in the following clip - she made many wonderful movies over a six decade career - but it is clear that Bette commands the silver screen from the moment she appears.

If there were 10 ways to play a specific role, Bette Davis would find an 11th approach nobody would think of.

This 1971 interview on The Dick Cavett Show reveals that she was a rather amazing person as well.

Since outstanding writers with vast knowledge of classic movies - Farran Smith Nemhe, a.k.a. The Self-Styled Siren, Imogen Smith of Bright Lights Film Journal and Stacia Kissick Jones of She Blogged By Night, to name three - have penned excellent essays on Bette Davis in years past, it is great to see this blogathon throw down the gauntlet.

There are many, many contributors and this blogger is stunned at how amazingly prolific the classic movie-loving scribes are.

The lineup of posts is as follows:

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In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood - A Tribute To Bette Davis: Fan Interviews

Karavansara Live - The Private Lives Of Elisabeth And Essex

LA Explorer - Spotlight on Bette Davis in Hollywood Canteen and Thank Your Lucky Stars

Lauren Champkin - The Great Lie

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