Monday, February 08, 2016

Today: Last Day Of 2nd Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon

The 2016 Buster Keaton blogathon, which began on Stupor Bowl Sunday, continues on through today, bringing splendid writing about classic movies as the debates about Broncos vs. Panthers fade into the rear view mirror.

Alas, this blogger could not participate this time around, but a slew of fine writers and historians have contributed top-notch essays for the 2nd Buster Keaton Blogathon.

Here's the lineup:

Big Riot V Squad - Buster Keaton and the Passing Show of 1917

Critica Retro - Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton: when the student surpasses the master

Dinner And A Show (tgreywolfe) - Buster and the Tragic Mask

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - TV episode - The Awakening

The Lost Laugh - Ghostly Gold & Grand Slams: Buster Keaton At Educational and Keaton & Karl (Buster and Karl Dane)

MIB’s Instant Headache - The Buster Keaton Short Films Collection

MOON IN GEMINI - Seven Chances

MovieFanFare - Three Ages

MovieMovieBlogBlog - Our Hospitality

Nitrate Glow - The Top 10 post-1940s Buster Keaton appearances and a review of Buster Keaton: The Persistence Of Comedy by Imogen Sara Smith.

An Ode to Dust - Doughboys

The Scribe Files - Buster, Italian Style

Second Sight Cinema - Buster Keaton's Most Amazing Stunt

Silent-ology - Thoughts on Le Roi des Champs-Élysées

Silver Screenings - Buster Keaton: Last Action Hero

Special Purpose Movie Blog - Big Joe Roberts: An Appreciation

thefyuzhe - Favorite Buster Keaton poses

Welcome To My Magick Theatre - The Tintype Daredevil: The Cameraman

We extend respectful tips of the Buster Keaton pork pie hat, Roscoe Arbuckle's derby, Charley Chase's straw boater AND the Max Linder top hat to film historian Lea Stans of Silent-ology for hosting the blogathon.

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