Sunday, January 03, 2016

And This Blog Loves Victor Borge

At Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog, we are equally enthusiastic about both B-movies starring giant malevolent irradiated insects and serious music (a.k.a. "culchuh") - and we begin the new year thinking of classically trained musicians who are also howlingly funny comedians. The list - after Bugs Bunny, of course - is short.

That said, Dudley Moore immediately comes to mind.

In this blogger's view, arguably tops on this very short list - as funny as he was a incredible musician - would be pianist Victor Borge, born on January 3, 1909.

There won't be an essay or lengthy meditation on Borge, a virtuoso pianist who largely much of his own material but also hired some pretty darn good scribes - Alan Jay Lerner, Neil Simon and the ever-cantankerous Henry Morgan among them - to write comedy for that he used in his act, both a heartfelt appreciation and gentle spoof of classical music and its conventions. There will be a bunch of clips and we'll start with a great one with Dean Martin - "Dino".

If one finds jokes based on sound howlingly funny, it will not be possible to hear too many of them.

No such thing as too much Borge - for music and comedy lovers.

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