Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goodbye, Indie DVD Companies. . .

Well, the latest and not greatest news is that New Hampshire vintage comedy specialists Looser Than Loose Publishing will be closing up shop at the end of 2014. Dave and Ali Stevenson's DIY company has also been instrumental in making countless rare silents available on DVD.

Especially noteworthy are the unique and frequently brilliant comedies of the prolific Lloyd Hamilton.

The two Dizzy Damsels & Crazy Janes DVDS are a must-buy for anyone interested in the great comediennes of silent pictures.

Of the indies, this leaves the consistently top-notch classic cartoon specialist Thunderbean Animation and a few other companies that are more erratic in quality.

Along with Chris Snowden's Unknown Video shutting down last year, the closing of Looser Than Loose Publishing is bad news for silent movie fans. And, in general, culturally speaking, it's not good, very not good, when small labels which make DVDS, recordings and books available that no one else will do not survive.

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