Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cool Fundraisers: 21st Century Music And 20th Century Silent Films

The first cool fundraiser is for the new album by Scott Amendola, who has been one of the very best jazz drummers in the U.S. for quite a few years now. Here he is, tearing it up with the mighty and incendiary "three guitars and a drummer" jazz-rock band T.J. Kirk in 1994.

The Pledge Music campaign will raise the money for Scott to record his orchestral piece, Fade To Orange, previously performed in 2011 with two musicians who sound great in a wide variety of musical genres, guitarist Nels Cline and bassist Trevor Dunn - and the Oakland East Bay Symphony.

It will be recorded for the new album and remixed by Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto, John Dietrich, Mocean Worker and Beautiful Bells.

We at Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog are happy to support any project Scott does. It's a slam dunk that the music will be tuneful, mellifluous, creative, original and at points will absolutely swing like mad. Señor Blogmeister saw the percussionist/bandleader/composer play - and brilliantly - lots of times in the 20th century with such stellar groups as The Charlie Hunter Trio and the Henry Mancini tribute band known as Oranj Symphonette, led by multi-instrumentalist and film buff Ralph Carney.

The second cool fundraiser is for the next DVD release by intrepid DIY film preservationists, historians and silver screen comedy experts Ben Model, producer of The Silent Clowns Film Series since its inception in 1997, and author Steve Massa. They're at it again with The Marcel Perez Collection, a new DVD of amazing silent comedy rarities, many unseen since their original release.

This is the first retrospective of the unorthodox, original, imaginative, very funny and at times very surreal films starring and directed by Madrid-born comedian Marcel Perez (1884-1929).

The films on the DVD will be mastered from archival 35mm prints and featuring new piano scores by Model.

Perez's Italian films (1911-1914), in which he stars as Robinet, will be seen in new digital scans of archival 35mm materials from the Desmet Collection of the EYE Film Institute (Netherlands).

The American Marcel Perez comedies will be transferred from archival 35mm prints preserved by the Library Of Congress. The box art will be created by graphic designer and silent film aficionado Marlene Weisman.

Currently scheduled to be on the DVD: the following 10 comedy shorts made between 1908 and 1921.

Italian films, produced by Ambrosio

L’abito bianco di Robinet / Robinet's White Suit (1911)

Robinet innamorato di una chanteuse / Robinet in Love with a Singer (1911)

Signora Robinet / Mademoiselle Robinet (1912)

Robinet troppo amato da sua moglie / Robinet is Loved Too Much By His Wife (1912)

Robinet è Geloso / Robinet is Jealous (1914)

American films, produced for Eagle, Jester and Reelcraft

A Bathtub Elopement (1916) - USA, Eagle

A Busy Night (1916) - USA, Eagle

Camouflage (1918) - USA, Jester

You're Next (1919) - USA, Jester

Sweet Daddy (1921) - USA, Reelcraft

Assuming this fundraiser meets its goal (with 27 days to go, 97% of said goal has been made at this writing), the target date for the DVD release of "The Marcel Perez Collection" will be the end of October 2014.

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