Thursday, July 18, 2013

Opening Tonight: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

The 2013 San Francisco Silent Film Festival opens tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the incomparable Castro Theatre. The festival opener will be Prix de Beauté, the last of the three G.W. Pabst epics starring screen diva Louise Brooks.

Pabst, enduringly popular for his despair-drenched Weimar Republic melodramas (most starring the aforementioned Ms. Brooks), will also be represented by his stark forerunner of Rosselini-style neorealism The Joyless Street, starring Greta Garbo and Asta Nielson.

Highlights include a tribute to animation genius Winsor McCay, the wry Russian comedy The House On Trubnaya Square, the ever-swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. in Allan Dwan's 1916 box office hit The Half-Breed, a Kings Of Silent Comedy program which will include Chaplin, Keaton, an Otto Messmer Felix The Cat cartoon and the 1926 Leo McCarey-Charley Chase masterpiece Mighty Like A Moose, a documentary, Legong Dance Of The Virgins, filmed in Bali (in Technicolor) by Henri de la Falaise, the iconic director Yasujiro Ozu's Tokyo Chorus, and two hilarious comedy features: Marion Davies & Marie Dressler in The Patsy and Harold Lloyd's 1923 classic Safety Last.

Check out the lineup at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival website.

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