Friday, January 25, 2013

Noir City XI Opens Tonight At San Francisco's Castro Theatre

The Noir City film festival is back at San Francisco's legendary Castro Theatre for ten days of unbeatable hard-boiled big screen mayhem.

This year's festival, Noir City XI, kicks off with a screening of Joseph H. Lewis' delirious and quintessential "killers-on-the-run" noir Gun Crazy, with an in-person appearance by by the film's shooting star, Peggy Cummins.

The English actress played the femme fatale to end all femme fatales, hell-bent sharpshooter Annie Laurie Starr - and burned up the silver screen in the process.

John Dall - who film buffs know well from Sir Alfred Hitchcock's Rope - co-stars with Cummins as the ultimate "sap for a dame" in this sexually-supercharged 1950 thriller from King Brothers Productions.

Nothing if not prolific, Joseph H. Lewis also directed the truly Kafka-esque My Name Is Julia Ross, as well as dozens of other films, including the fastest paced and most economical East Side Kids programmers ever committed to celluloid.

The Film Noir Foundation deserves mucho kudos, bravos and huzzahs for putting their money where their booze-stained, cigarette-burned, red lipstick-smudged mouths are and presenting newly struck 35mm prints of these classic films for the Noir City fest.

For more info, go to the Noir City website.

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