Monday, December 06, 2010

Dave Brubeck's 90th Birthday, Part 2

Continuing to celebrate Dave Brubeck's birthday, first with some clips:

As fate would have it, my favorite cable channel by a gazillion miles, Turner Classic Movies, will be celebrating Dave Brubeck's 90th birthday with a tribute, Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way, produced by Clint Eastwood and directed by Bruce Ricker.

While my educated guess is that those reading this blog know this, Dave's sons, as the Concord On A Summer Night, Two Generations Of Brubeck and The Brubeck Brothers Quartet recordings attest, are truly stellar musicians in their own right.

Matt Brubeck played the living daylights out of the cello as a member of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and numerous other ensembles. In the mid and latter 1990's, Matt performed with a favorite S.F. Bay Area band of mine, the wonderful Oranj Mancinis, featuring saxophonist Ralph Carney, guitarist Joe Gore, keyboardist Rob Burger and either Scott Amendola or Pat Campbell on drums.

Here are pianist Darius, bassist-trombonist Chris and percussionist Dan performing in, you guessed it, The Brubeck Brothers Quartet.

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