Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, Milt Gross

Completing a brief Happy Birthday bent here, I celebrate the natal anniversary of just one of the poet laureates of humor, comics, illustration and animation, the fabulous Milt Gross, born on March 4, 1895. No, it isn't lost upon me that the birthdays of Milt and Tex Avery are just a few days apart; I wonder if the two comic geniuses - both of whom created brilliant animated cartoons for MGM - ever met.

Here, for a repeat appearance on this blog, is this gorgeous panel from Milt Gross' Cartoon Tour Of New York, courtesy of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive.

Thanks to the
stalwart efforts of historians and comic art collectors Mark Kausler and Marc Deckter, some amazing Milt Gross pieces are up on the Archive's website.

Mr. Kausler, a friend of this blog, comic art scholar and talented animator who has probably forgotten more about the history of comics and screen animation that most of us will ever know, frequently spotlights classic comic strips on his blog, including the following postings featuring Milt's Nize Baby comix:

Happy Holidays Post #1
Post-Age Due
Hitchin' Post

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